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     I Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970, and started the business from the export of bicycle brake systems and manufacture for brake pads of cars and motorcycles.

     In 2001, I Ling involved in E-bike related accessories actively, and have developed the brake lever, accelerator, digital sensors, carbon brushes motor drive.

     Next, we increased the CNC process division in 2007 to promote the upgrading of product development and technology. 

     Finally, we involved the industrial brakes programs in 2010 to enlarge our production lines and supply the better service to the broader customers. 

2007年增加CNC 加工部門, 促進產品開發速度及技術的提昇.
2010年增加工業用剎車片項目, 服務更廣闊的客戶群.

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